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Building your own empire with your talents in three steps.

First, we get to know each other

Discussing your values and setting goals.

Second, we go deeper

We discuss your values and goals, and looking for possibilities how you can reach these.

Third and last step, we reflect and we give u advice

Together we make a plan for your goals, and with my advice we are looking for the necessary consultancy.

What is in it for you?

You recieve a piece of artwork that totally fits you and your personality.

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Are you looking for answers about love, work or answers in general?

With my psychic abilities I connect with the spiritguides, hence I can give the advice or the answers you are looking for.

You will discover things about yourself, which can help you towards the future. This all with the help of my own intuition and my Lenormand cards.

What do i offer?

reading for 30 minutes €45,-
reading for 45 minutes €67,50
reading for 60 minutes €90,-

the reading is possible by mail, phone or in person.


Need help with a project? Your relationship or work?

Sometimes a mirror is everything you need to move forward.

Together we achieve more.

Getting to know eachother

Looking for the challenge and create a plan with a certain amount of appointments.


Working on your challenge by dancing, singing, walking, painting or any other activity that fits you.


Ending the sessions with a closuring reflection and advice for the future.

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